About Us

Coupled with years of experience working with major Dealerships & International Trainers, we had a holistic approach towards paint care protection in our tropical climate. In our philosophy, this narrows down to 4 major attributes. i.e. Craftmanship, Premium Products, Attention to Detail & Mindset.


Having years of experience working on Continental car paintwork and the newer water-based paintwork. We are confident in providing unrivalled technical expertise in the field of Paint Correction; yielding a Show Car Finish you truly deserve.

Premium Products

Detail Lab had been appointed as the Only Authorised Importer in Singapore; hence stocks arguably the World’s Finest Handcrafted Car Care Products. Coupled with our expertise in machine polishing, be prepared to receive your ride back in a state Better than New.

Attention to Detail

Passion in cars is our key to success. We have vast experiences dealing with Automotives, offering value-added mechanical; electrical services. Movement of cars are handle with utmost care as we take care of your ride as important as ours.


Having a positive mindset is pre-requisite for anyone handling your investment. Patience in prep work, machine polishing; application of all car care products is paramount in producing a finish so truly personal that you will not find elsewhere. Our personal touch leaves you with a good impression that your ride is in safe hands.

New Car Preparation

Perfect for owners who have just collected their cars. Paintwork on brand new cars is seldom in "factory fresh" due to long periods of transport and storage. A New Car Prep session carefully refines the assembly-line factory finish and removes embedded impurities using a multi-stage paint preparation process. The new mirror finish is topped with our selection of Swissvax waxes for a deep shine or PPS for maximum protection.

Detail Lab Paint Protection

If your car spends most of its time exposed to our harsh tropical weather or tough environmental pollutants, Detail Lab has a range tough synthetic coatings that will provide strong protection against these elements. Our long lasting fully synthetic coatings provide superior protection against strong UV exposure, acid rain and industrial pollutants. Some of our coatings have even been tested to resist fires without any damage to the paintwork underneath!

Detail Lab Paint Correction

Look closely at any car and chances are, you'll see tiny hairline scratches and swirl marks which are commonly the result of careless washing or polishing by an untrained hands. The good news is, Detail Lab can restore the mirror-smooth finish to your paintwork! At Detail Lab, we employ a painstaking multi-stage polishing process and some of the world's best paint restoration products. From fragile, aged vintage paint to modern lacquers, we have years of experience over a wide range of cars and can tailor a solution to bring out the best in your paintwork.

Swissvax Premium Wax Paintwork Rejuvenation

Swissvax is the wax of choice for discerning car owners and top professional detailers worldwide. As a Swissvax Detailing Partner, Detail Lab brings Swissvax's latest products and technical information directly to our clients in this Paintwork Rejuvenation session, which will remove embedded impurities from your paintwork and seal it off with your choice of premium wax from our Swissvax range.

Enthusiast Car Spa

Let the experts at Detail Lab help keep your car in tip top condition with our Enthusiast Car Spa! We will lather your precious ride with our premium car shampoo and clean it to the same Detail Lab quality standards. The gentle Detail Lab Enthusiast Car Spa is no ordinary car wash and our careful, experienced technique is the perfect way to preserve a scratch and swirl free finish.

Detail Lab Wheels Spa

Give your favourite set of wheels a new lease of life with our all new Wheel Spa as we cleanse, seal & protect your precious rims! Our trained specialists will carefully remove your wheels for a proper cleaning to remove stubborn stains, brake dust and grime accumulated from everyday driving using advanced wheel cleaning products that target stains and are gentle to rims. Once they are sparkling clean, we use special wheel coatings such as Swissvax Autobahn for added protection and shine before re-installing and ensuring bolts are hand-torqued to spec.

Leather/Interior Reconditioning

Leather is a natural product that can get damaged by contact with moisture, abrasion and staining. Periodic maintenance is key to keeping high-grade car leathers soft, supple and shiny. We have a full range of cleaning, restoration and protection products that will safely remove contaminants and nourish leather to keep it looking and feeling new. And yes, we use the Best leather conditioner in the market – Swissvax Leather Milk.

Matte/Frozen Paint Finishes

A very special paint job demands very special paint care! Matte/frozen paint finishes have won the hearts of many car lovers in search of an extra distinctive effect that only these special finishes can give. While they fascinating to behold, matte/frozen paint surfaces stain more easily than conventional high gloss clearcoats and are very tricky to maintain. We have undertaken comprehensive research to bring the best matte/frozen paint maintenance solutions to our clients. The professionals at Detail Lab are trained to solve common issues on matte/frozen paint surfaces such as bird lime stains, road grime, gloss patches using specially formulated products that are not commonly available.

Industrial Fallouts/Alien Spot Removal

In unfortunate circumstances, your precious ride may encounter damage from industrial contaminants. Cars are left near shipyards or sandblasting facilities can end up with the entire exterior littered with iron oxide filings within hours. Through our custom paint restoration methods, we have helped clients save thousands in respray costs and days of down time. Removal of industrial fallouts is a long, tedious process but we have the right solutions to take care of your dream.